Sewer Design Flaws


Problems with the Grinder Pumps, Problems with the Design
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1. Forcemains that will clog (the scouring issue). Extended loss of sewer service.

2. Using pumps that may ignite flammable gases causing explosions. NEC, NFPA.

3. No sewer service when power is out- need for a “camp bucket” & a place to dump it.

4. No connector for an external pump- a generator will not help if the forcemain plugs.

5. Seasonal occupancy or other extended period of disuse destroys the pump.

6. Insufficient air release valves will cause air-locks of forcemains and block flow.

7. Lack of provisions for mechanical forcemain cleaning- extended loss of service.

8. Maximized number of grinders, misled the public.

9. Design violated main separation requirements in some places.

10. Sole-sourced E-1 pumps in violation of government purchasing laws.