Court Filings 11-9-2014 update


You May click the link below to download the court petition to your computer.

November 9th 2014 Update

These two depositions are very long, but demonstrate to anyone who reads them that we have highly qualified people verifying that the system should never go into operation as designed.

66_Maynard Depo Transcript-bates

67_1931038-Dr Gunnar Hovstadius-1-bates


Updates 8/20/2014:  Movement on two fronts…

 Download petition here:


Below are the current petitions that have been filed. Please click on the links to download &  read the individual filings.

5-16-14_DTP_Petition for Writ of Mandamus

Forcemain for Big Pine to Ramrod

permit modifications on Cudjoe Key

Petition for BPK South

Upper Sugarloaf petition

Little Palm Island petition

Petition for Big Pine Key North

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 Exhibit A