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Florida Keys citizens have repeatedly requested action by our County officials with no positive response. A motion to conduct a study did not even get a second.  We are now forced to consider going to the courts for help. This will be an expensive and time consuming endeavor, but may be the only way we can get fair treatment. Please follow our efforts and support us if you can. This is a grassroots effort and we intend to continue monitoring the FKAA and their projects regardless of the outcome of this issue.

Some of the issues include:
FKAA has deceived us regarding the extent of the grinders being installed.
These units are being installed in areas where they are not justified. We are expected to allow them to be placed on our property without compensation, and then are required to provide electrical installation at our own expense.
Recent bids show a reduction in cost for gravity systems of almost 27% versus a 9% for grinders from the original plan. Still, FKAA has refused to reconsider their plan for 2,800 grinder pumps.
A system with a total of 30% grinder pumps will cost all residents of Monroe County over $1 million per year in long term operating costs.
FKAA and the County were required by State Law to provide us with the final details and costs for the system in 2012 prior to final County approval. Instead, they deceived us. Now, the $30 million loan may be at risk.

Dump The Pumps was formed by Citizens of Monroe County to demand that our voice be heard regarding the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System (CRWS) which includes Sugarloaf to Big Pine Keys and to monitor and fight for the ongoing construction and financing of wastewater systems throughout Monroe County.

The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) has ignored the interests and concerns of their customers and our County Government has not effectively controlled or monitored their decisions.  The CRWS is a $150 million project with no oversight, no acceptance of input from its customers, and a continued stream of misinformation.

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